Reno behavioral health services with a holistic model

Healing Minds is a compassionate, dedicated group of counselors and therapists in Reno NV who share a deep commitment for helping individuals and families rebuild and improve their lives.We’re committed to helping others identify and address the root causes of what they’re going through, because we’re serious about helping others make long-lasting improvements and achieve their life goals.The work we do involves mental, emotional, relational and behavioral health. We are taking a stand against the stigma that therapy and counseling are meant to be kept undercover, to be kept quiet. We believe no one should ever feel uncomfortable asking for help. We’re here to be a resource for mental health and stability in our community—and we won’t be quiet about it. Together we can do something…





We Are Connected To The Community

At Healing Minds we believe everyone deserves to be heard. We also believe it’s our responsibility to provide a resource for our community to receive qualified, compassionate, understanding mental health care.

As our community has continued to grow, we’ve taken efforts to expand our reach and our capability to best serve the community we all call home.

We’ve also strengthened partnerships with other talented health professionals and set out to build new ones.


How Healing Minds Can Help

The therapy and counseling work we do is unique to you, just as it is to each one of our clients. When you’re here, we’re focused on you; we’re present and engaged. We can only be of service to you if we can understand what you’re going through and help you navigate it all. Below is a list of our services. Click on the links below to learn more about our services:

Our Specialities



Let us help write your story

We’ve built Healing Minds based on years of combined experience in a variety of complimentary fields. We’ve attracted a team of trained, professionally experienced, wholehearted practitioners who give our clients their full focus. At our core, we’re people. People with families, with emotions and with life experiences—some wonderful and some painful. It’s our human-ness that attracted all of us at Healing Minds into this field.


We are always on the lookout for therapists that feel the same way about our philosophy. If you would like to inquire about joining our team please click the button below.

When You’re Ready, We’re Here

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