Healing Minds Clinic, Holistic Addiction Treatment

While we understand that many mental health issues that involve addiction require prescription medication to overcome, we also believe it is essential to include holistic practices into your life during your journey toward a more full and lively existence. You may have some questions about holistic addiction treatment, and as a holistic addiction treatment center, we can help you find out what approach is right for you.

A Little Science Behind Addiction

There is a widely believed misconception that drug addiction is more common in people who lack a certain set of morals and discipline. The truth is, drug addiction is an overwhelmingly complicated disease affecting people both physically and psychologically. What’s more, drug abuse further rewires the brain to crave drugs or alcohol compulsively, making it even harder to quit.

Culturally, most of us are not raised to manage our emotions and urges in a healthy manner. Instead we choose to use what is available to us (e.g. drugs, alcohol). For people prone to addictive behaviors, these social norms for shutting down emotions and feeding into cravings can make matters worse.

Managing Addiction

When recovering from addiction, learning to manage life on your own terms can feel impossible. Your addiction is unique, so it helps to try out a variety of holistic methods to see what works best for your needs and your lifestyle. Below is a list methods to manage addiction holistically in your daily life.

* These practices are meant to be supplementary to regular therapeutic treatment.

  1. Spending time in nature is extremely important in the detoxification and holistic treatment process. Make a point to spend 20-60 minutes a day in a park, on a trail or even a garden.
  2. Acupuncture has been touted as an effective way to rebalance the body and addressing organs — like the liver, lungs and kidney — that can be weakened my consistent drug or alcohol abuse. 
  3. Meditation and mindful practice aid the awareness and healing of the mental/emotional damage caused by addiction. Meditation, along with exercise, helps with mood regulation. 
  4. Fascinatingly enough, certain nutritional imbalances can make us more prone to certain cravings, which can lead to addictions. This can be solved with a personal nutrition plan, taking supplements such as essential amino acids, and prescribed exercise. Reducing high sugar, overly processed foods can help keep inflammation and neurotransmitters firing. Once again, diet and exercise speak their 2 cents on overall health!
  5. Yoga helps with inner peace and relieves stress and anxiety associated with withdrawal or intense cravings. Taking up a consistent yoga practice also wires your brain for healthy habits.
  6. While research on the subject is limited, some studies suggest massage is an effective treatment for addiction recovery. massage specifically assists with detoxification while also increase immune function. The natural increase of dopamine from massage is also beneficial to the brain during withdrawal.

If you are struggling with addiction and feel you need professional help, or if your addiction is causing suicidal thoughts, please connect with Healing Minds. Let’s get started on this journey together.