Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Healing Minds Will now be offering virtual therapy.

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At Healing Minds in Las Vegas, our commitment is to you and your wellbeing—and we’ll always recommend the care we believe would have the most positive impact on your life.

We believe that everyone can benefit from therapy, and should have access to professionals with other specializations to get the full scope of care they need. Healing Minds is a team of therapists in Las Vegas NV who have come together under this model.

We’ve taken a lot of care and effort to create a safe environment where you can think, discuss, connect, feel and be—a place where you can feel comfortable creating change.

A Team That Is Here For You.

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We want to have a conversation with you about what you’re going through. Let’s learn to recognize possible triggers, explore how to become aware of them and identify how to respond appropriately. Please come in and talk. We can take this next important step together.

Therapy Services In Las Vegas To Help You Grow

We work with individuals, couples and families who wish to make progress in the following areas:

• Eating Disorders
• Personality Disorders
And more
When You're Ready We're Here for You

We accept HomeTown Health (HHP) and all major insurances.

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Here for the community.

Las Vegas’ trusted resource for mental, emotional and relational health care.

At Healing Minds, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure everyone in this community has an outlet to be heard and have a resource that offers qualified, compassionate, understanding mental health care. Through our intimate work with individuals and families in the Las Vegas area, we’re proud to lead the charge to give mental health the care it demands.

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