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What Is Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth therapy is the use of telecommunication technologies to provide health care services to patients remotely. The main aim of Telehealth is to see to it that patients receive care from suffering from mild to manageable conditions. It can generate a sort of...

Virtual Therapy Breakthroughs by Hannah Sweeney

“2020 is the time I will finally do it- I will finally travel the world!” As the New Year’s Eve fireworks exploded in Frankie’s ears, she could feel the shift of new beginnings. While excitement stirred in her soul, she recognized the challenging aspects of long-term...

Wholehearted Living: Living With Your Entire Heart

Written by: Dominique DeVilbiss, MSW, LSW, CSWILet's talk about imperfection. Many of us have a very rational fear of failure; however, sometimes our definition of "failure" is distorted and often boils down to a core belief: failure = not doing it perfectly. We all...

Managing Grief on Special Days

Dealing with loss of a loved one is never easy, but managing grief on holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries can be especially difficult. Read our tips on how to deal with these tough days, and how to get through them with a positive outlook.